EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 11 of 195  
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Camilo Rico (COLOMBIA), Oscar Vasquez (COLOMBIA)
This project offers people the chance to interact with the place around them. They are given the opportunity to get out of their cars and houses and have a stroll around town; by doing so they will have a personal experience with this fraction of the world.

The project consists on pedestrian streets that connect the places people need to get to. Having this, people can walk or ride bike; which not only helps the environment but also gives a different everyday life to people. It gives them the chance to feel the wind pass around them.

The other part of the project is a park to be located between what is already built and the city’s future expansion. This park will have big open public spaces, a water mirror to look into the sky, a group of towers with burial purposes, and a children’s playground. This is a mix of functions in the same place so people have a common place outside their houses they can feel their own and share as a community.