EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 13 of 195  
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Guy Trangos (SOUTH AFRICA), Jenna Stelli (SOUTH AFRICA), Eduardo Cachucho (SOUTH AFRICA), Catherine De Souza (SOUTH AFRICA)
Sprawl is an inevitable trait of urban settlement, spawning Everyvilles everywhere, indistinguishable settlements which lack community, identity and coherence. We propose an intervention which avoids the permanence of built solutions and is reactive − one which celebrates our information age, the value of access to information, and the way location-based networks create a return to the public realm. We insert into Everyville an endlessly responsive information system which acts as an enabling framework for the formation of a communal identity. Generic urban data inputs are gathered and transformed into web-based characteristic outputs with meaning and use for the community, creating an active fabric of heightened social awareness. These outputs are also relayed to the community as abstracted average values represented in a coloured streetlight grid, fostering a unique image of its coherence – and physically distinguishing Alphaville from Betaville, Greenville from Greyville.