EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 70 of 195  
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cremisini stefano (ITALIA), conforti ilaria (ITALIA)
A close net of streets, concrete corners, silent paths, that a time played with the sounds of cars, empty and fully spaces that capture lights and shadows. Everyville is silence, the fuel price put in oblivion "serie cars/houses" and left some mute spaces; a net without functions where it could be possible to build a new city, a metaphor of new languages that recognizes and represents ourselves. A society "linked" to an expression of new freedom emerges. From entropy of ivy that reconquers every free concrete place to evolve it new unconvetional spaces. We can restart our lives by using the spaces created by the previous generation. Everyville is a concrete tree where the architectures is a nest for collectivity: parasite adaptable architectures draw new smooth borders, where to share goods and ideas, projects and relationships. An hypertext full of informations to launch, share and customize. An open source/culture city, where only who comunicates and interacts will find some space.