EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 15 of 40
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juan jose sanchez martinez (SPAIN), eva cerón martínez (SPAIN), leonor serrano rivas (SPAIN), evaristo llanos sánchez (SPAIN), daniel moral trigueros (SPAIN), joaquin herves alonso (SPAIN)
Deprogramated Infrastructure Politics
Deprogramated infrastructures politics D.I. In the opposite of a project of final image, we choose a political system of uncertainty, in a continuos arrange, making pacts at each moment. We joint the informal building of the popular culture and a new political order; starting from the fast auto-construction going to a Parlament, slower and negociated as a way of a colective building.We propose a model of auto-organization as spontaneity, a central space that becomes empty and concentrates its D.I. in the periphery. The nomad programs (citizen choice) incentive the D.I. and experiment continous structural changes, as the same time that preserve their own organization pattern.These D.I. provide, with different scales, energies, environments and relations to the identity program. A structural system differencies and helps these D.I. to densificate, afecting his future behaviour, a system who learns, determinated and free.
It´s not a group that works but weaves fonctional identities.