EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 16 of 40
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Anthony de Barros Ling (BRAZIL), Gabriel Cheuiche Fendt (BRAZIL), Gabriel Lima Giambastiani (BRAZIL), Matheus Cunha Silveira (BRAZIL), Rafael De Conti Lorentz (BRAZIL)
Connecting beyond city
In this millennium, communication and data sharing development breaks the distance barrier and allows experiences unimaginable not long ago. A dimension where spaces are shared and reachable by everyone. We are ali connected. Although, virtuality changes interactions among people and cities, connecting distant points and disconnecting close ones. Everyville, in the beginning of its material and meaning growth, can take advantage of these new possibilities in a way never before seen. Why not materialize such a free and democratic reality? To use technology to rise social interactions and allow space to mold itself to the desires they produce is a contemporary solution for a contemporary problem.