EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 14 of 40
Landscape Strategy of Dinamism page 1 (page 2)
Daniele Pasin (ITALIA), Linda Zardo (ITALIA), Serena Casamento Barbitta (ITALIA)
Landscape Strategy of Dynamism
A contemporary Marco Polo would tell his Kahn about an amazing city. A city called Everyville.
“Let’s imagine, my Kahn, a huge base. Strong like your power, permanent like your fame. A landmark. Something able to remain, able to be remembered from who knew it and left it and able to became a good memory for the people that see it for the first time. On this wonderful “urban sheet”, you can write whatever you want. But not really you in particular, my dear Kahn: the city only listen to its citizens. So on this clump the flexibility reigns. Movement, evolution, adaptability. The surface of the clump is ready to change. The fact is that this doesn’t mean caos: the city just becomes easily what the citizens need to have. Needs change and the townscape changes with them. During the day, during the week, the year. So the city will be always the same and always different. Something easy and powerful to remember, but also READY TO CHANGE, always contemporary, always proper. (…)