EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 53 of 195  
Chachi + Pistachi ( C + P ) page 1 (page 2)
Marta Pérez Quintana (SPAIN), Álvaro Alonso Martínez (SPAIN)
The inhabitants of megalopolis decide to be revealed against the omnipresent power of the city and to found a community free of ties and social prejudices. The limited community believes in the search of the interior balance by generating a system of common life. It supposes the rationalization of the field life and the return to the caverns of the modern man.
Build it by yourself for your community:
The relationship with the neighbour passes to be important. The whole city is conceived as a social random web that organizes in Neighbours' Communities to which corresponds to build his their own houses in the spaces enabled for it (Bars). Being each one different from the rest, so that every community is free to construct what it wants, providing that it is built with its own hands. It generates three types of well defined spaces: deprived (every house), semi deprived (community spaces), and public (parks, lagoons and caverns).