EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 46 of 195  
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Andrew RIdge (AUSTRALIA), Jack Barlow (AUSTRALIA), Matthew Wilson (AUSTRALIA)
Our project explores the dysfunctional relationship between the affectuality of the landscape and current settlement techniques.
We propose a different way of representing the complex organism of a city that prioritises unique and experiential characteristics over generic planning models - illustrating how the affects of the landscape can resonate through the spatial structure of a city and create a unique place, responsive to its context. This enables the meaningful interactions required for the organic cycles of community coherence to occur.
The assertion that character can’t be created is based on the belief that the landscape isn’t an impotent and blank canvas or “featureless terrain”, but a complex plane of inter-relationships that produces affects.
These are often too subtle or immense to consciously interact with, and are too often disregarded or muted by generic planning and infrastructural conventions. This causes alienation and disconnection from place.