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daniele munno (ITALIA)
Radiosity will be a city linked by a combination of cycle-paths, pedestrian routes and varied modes of public transport.
The project will create a city that runs entirely on renewable energy for its buildings,its infrastructures and its transport needs. They will recover , recycle and reuse 90% of all waste in the city, with the eventual aim of becoming a zero waste city.
Public transport with reduced air and noise pollution will enable buildings to be naturally ventilated, and in turn reduce the demand on energy.It will use innovative technologies, which may include solar powered and hidrogen fuel-cell buses.The best possible balance in terms of integration between spaces in the natural environment is (and they physical and symbolic resources: water, forest, land) and spaces in the artificial built and human environment, in order to ensure the kind of complementariness between the human and nonhuman, indoor and outdoor environment, that exalts the overall quality of places.