EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 104 of 195  
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Caterina Viguera (SPAIN), Carmen Torres (SPAIN)
Above the city

For life in Everyville to pass in a simple representation during a partial time of composite objects a sinchronization between these two depends on the capacity of adaptation. This is hardly a revolutionary idea. One could say that cities have always been based in this strategy for growth.

The inhabitants don’t limit their actions because of the scenery, rather they move backstage, climb up the surface of the façade, and take in a new perspective of the city. What this hopes to provoke is a different impression of everyday spaces, inventing a new game adapted to anonymous spaces, unfinished spaces, the not-yet spaces, the stairs, the walls, the facades of the city…

“This is what I expect from a city: that it constantly shakes me. By definition, whatever type of urban planning must nourish a certain homogeneity. The city is the opposite. The city wants to define itself through contradictions, it wants to explode.” Wim Wenders