EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 103 of 195  
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Jennifer Couch (UNITED STATES), Cathryn Kozar (UNITED STATES)
So much of architecture today attempts to solve a problem, proposing a temporary solution, but never articulating what it is that solution is resolving. Rather than design yet another building that only concerns itself with the answer, this project focuses on the question. What role does the architect play in the design of civic spaces? More and more, there seems to be a culture of branding in which a famous architect is hired to design an iconic building as a means of giving a place identity. Too often, however, the personal goals of the architect overshadow the needs of the community, resulting in an architecture that is never representative of the people it serves, but instead a small piece of a greater network of brand name buildings. This proposal presents this challenge by equalizing the roles of the people and the architect so that the latter is merely responsible for setting a framework while the public is then able to manipulate it to satisfy their needs.