EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 190 of 195  
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Maxim Margorskiy (UKRAINE), Anton Tesmann (UKRAINE), Oleksii Kysilenko (UKRAINE), Sergii Sova (UKRAINE)
While creating this project, we have been concerned with a matter what a modern city should supply its citizens with - it should encourage them to go for a walk, to communicate and to develop culturally.On the basis of these ideas the following principles have ben formulated: the public area delops in the center of the city and in its buil-up area in the form of forums
The forums are the main public formation and are presented as grounds planted with greenery. The forums are aimed at every-day communication of the citizens
The closer the distance to the forums is, the higher the number of storeys is. It is made in order to create an illusion of cozy space
The streets are planned accoring to the cellular structure of the residential areas. The density of the city-network guarantees the accessibility of transport to every block of buildings
The program of planting of greenery will be provided in the city-park, green zones of the forums, protectory green plantations along the roads