EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 180 of 195  
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valerio ciotola (ITALIA)
Two kind of people live in the city of Everyville.

Those who are taking a stroll, watching nice girls, chatting with each other: small talks in and outside their favorite bars. They are called the Comis. None of them wears a watch: there is one at the end of the wide road: that is Everyone clock. It regulates every relations of love, kinship, work, friendship and enmity.
Then there are the Islots. They are solitary, arrogant, dumb. They lost the power of speech, it is rumored. They do not live in any other world but the one of their homes. There is no time for the Islots except the one which regulates their biological life. Whenever one of them dies, the entire population meets in the arena and the lifeless body is thrown in the deep hole.

Comis and Islots never meet each other. Sometimes the news is spread that the other left, or that they have never existed. Comis and Islots do not love each other but, it is a sure thing, each inhabitant of Everyville belongs to both of them.