EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 14 of 195  
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Každailytė Eglė (LITHUANIA), Zakaitė Dalia (LITHUANIA), Klybaitė Justina (LITHUANIA), Uogintas Ignas (LITHUANIA)
'Dear Evervillians',

It is YOUR hands what will make the world more beautiful. Can't believe it? We guarantee. It's not the environment what should change your behavior, it's your behaviour what should change the environment.We offer sustainable united mind for creating new face of everyville. By small encouragements we are trying to create more friendly and attractive atmosphere.

It is the care about their environment what should put people together. Common work, friendship and nature are factors helping to create communities fast, so we offer collective gardens as the center of the town- the pure form of united work for our surroundings to show it to the others as well as to let feel it to the citizens the surroundings of the town to every citizen's hands lets them feel important and responsible as well as unites them for one goal.

It's different attitude to people and of people what will become the main feature of everyville, making it the greatest place for everybody.