EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 5 of 195  
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Thaigo Lopes (BRAZIL), Alex Ferreira (BRAZIL), Pedro Costa (BRAZIL), Rafael Garcia (BRAZIL), Maria Ramos (BRAZIL), paulo Siqueira (BRAZIL)
The character of a city is directly related to its inhabitants as well as to their group relationships.It is only possible to create a sense of community by making use of the material and immaterial constructions of its dwellers along time.

We present a project which reafirms the structuring role of time, chronological or emotional, in the building of a city.

Everyville, as an independent town, has its pre-history.Its old farms and the subsequent spatial organization as a small town are still present in the memories of those who live there.It is from the fragments of these memories and life stories that the identity of the town will be born.

The Everyville we propose has, thus, two main characteristics: it looks intantaneously constructed, but it has its identity based on the long-life memories and narratives of its population.Secondly, it is ephemeral as the interactional character of its concept allows for its daily re-construction by its people.