EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 6 of 195  
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Chiara Di Napoli (ITALIA), Sara Elettra Celentano (ITALIA)
The purpose is to fight back the negative phenomenons of contemporary urban planning and to assert a concept of humanist-city, where inhabitants could have got equal possibilities as the base on which build their own lives.
From here is considered the circle, which represent, because of the geometrical significant of his pure form, this Egalitarian value; there are not particular points because from everywhere I can look at any other point with the same intensity.
Moreover it receives, gathers, wraps inhabitants stating their sense of protection and affiliation with the city .
Every inhabitant take part in the setting-up of cycles which make Everyville self-sufficient.
Every inhabitant therefore has the possibility to be and to come across as an Individual in a community, inside a space which can seem apparently not so dynamic, but in reality represent a canon that keeps in constant equilibrium these relationships.