EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 4 of 195  
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Michele Deregibus (ITALIA), Sabrina Grosjacques (ITALIA)
The goal is to reverse the car logic and make the city governed by pedestrian life: streets, free of vehicles, will becomes playgrounds.
The city will be linked to the external contest by different kind of networks to exchange culture, information, people, goods, energy, etc. All networks are strictly linked with the speed public transport (underground, on the canals). Networks’ intersection points are important places which incorporate a plurality of functions and housing typology.
We want to create the conditions for a process of differentiation of the city in many micro-communities, which identify themselves through the different kind of places generated by networks, all linked by green and free time-sport’s places.
Too much importance is given to the activity of the pre-existent farms, restored as museum, and to the creation of new farms that will become a big attraction for gastronomical tourism.