EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 128 of 195  
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Adam Brillhart (UNITED STATES), Brown Barret (UNITED STATES)
Everyville will make sense of its exurban status; Everyville is located nowhere but the place in which it resolves two currently (physically) disparate zones: the city and the airport. Airports - once luxurious and intermediary entities with limited program - have emerged into fusion semi-cities, possessing such qualities of the city as retail, restaurants, and high-speed transportation systems. Travel by air is increasing globally, which begs the question: why are airports so detached from the city? Everyville’s growth will be through the creation of an airport MICROPOLIS, sans cars, but with all the amenities and excitement that make cities both habitable and desirable destinations. Everyville has the potential to become part of a global network of other airport MICROPOLISes, and to create an identity through its own speed and pace. The MICROPOLIS is an upside down skyline, increasing in density when closer to the two runways – which hover above the city.