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Steven Schenk (BELGIUM), Frederik Hectors (BELGIUM)
Essentially the development of a built typology could be strikingly similar with that of human beings. As facts grow and reach our inner memory, the consciousness of the inner structure grows similarly. It is only through the inextricably intertwined processes of accommodation and assimilation that both building and people can reach their full meaning. In concreto, accommodation means that structure only is what it is because of its relation with the people that are in it. Assimilation states that it has to create a norm to regulate interaction. The combination of these two processes for built and living form causes the whole to reach full maturity and meaning. Consequently, the interaction of the building and people causes the result to be more than the sum of its parts, to be the memory of future, poetics of past.
The motor behind this development is the fulfilment of psychological needs. Self-determination theory states that there are three: autonomy, competence and relatedness.