EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 7 of 195  
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Vincenzo Carducci (ITALIA), Angelo Cicatiello (ITALIA), Antonio Ambrosino (ITALIA)
Everyville is shaped as an utopian idea where services (the big snakes) and liveable areas (water, green terracing, megasquares) are morphologically opposed, balanced and simply connected with each other to optimize communicative trades. “The big snakes” are divided according to the association of complex forms built and wedged with each other to create enormous environments, unique and rectilinear. To the “big snakes”, compact and linear are opposed boundless open spaces: expanses of water, enormous green terracing and the megasquares are surfaces just created to give to Everyville the identity of “city-communication” so that is possible to create space for the contact and for the reciprocal and interpersonal exchange. The whole spaces are connected and linked by “the orange scheme”: elevated roads compared to the ground that merge with the buildings themselves, creating a simple and orthogonal road network opposed to the complexity of “the big snakes”.