EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 2 of 40
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stefan raus (GERMANY), Steffen Braun (GERMANY)
Neza 2050 - where it all started
Where is Everyville located? How is it organized? Who lives there? How will it look like in future? Or better, which minimum means are necessary to enable self-organized long-term urban development?
Everyville might be a town we imagine. Or it might be something else. The premise for this project is the extensive global research about urban growth in present and new forms of urban futures. 75% of mankind will live in cities by 2050. In 2050 there will be three billion people on earth living in slums. The slums of today are the cities of tomorrow. And they evolve without architects. The definition of Everyville is the concept of the emerging change in urbanism. Everyville will be the prototype of informal urbanism in future.
The case study of Neza, a suburban area with about 3 million inhabitants on the outskirts of Mexico City, forms the theoretical background for a self-organized structural transformation with long-term potential ñ growth beyond place, urbanism beyond architecture.