EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 3 of 40
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Simone Azara (ITALIA), Matteo Arcangeli (ITALIA), Andrea Bracciotti (ITALIA), Marco Becucci (ITALIA), Alessandro Cambi (ITALIA)
The first step was how to place the city, considering the climatic aspect and using the direction of the heliotermic axis as a line to direct the city web. Our idea of city, as an element rooted in the ground, was realized in four long sticks that later we have deformed and let them fall on the ground like shanghai, until they have intersected themselves, drawing the layout of the city. This disposition has identified three basic directives until to become the main streets. Besides we have introduced some transversal wedges to connect these forms so that they become green stripes and natural barriers.
Then we have put in every stick a rigid net identified by a square module of 80x80 meters with different direction based on the position of the heliotermic axis and the main construction axis.