EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 172 of 195  
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ekaterina papkovskaia (IRELAND), casey william (IRELAND)
To resolve the lack of identity and coherence in Everyville, a system is devised that creates layers of culture and habitation on top of the existing fabric. Beginnings of structural frames will appear along pedestrian axes, creating possibilities and plots where new functions that the city lacks may develop. With time these frames will turn into platforms and then flexible volumes. Growing inwards and upwards, between existing spaces and into empty plots, suburbia is morphed into a city with a series of flexible centres. These centres will house functions appropriate to the time and space of Everyville, they will change with the city and its people. The city will become autonomous, independent from Megalopolis. Keeping its current footprint and expanding within it, Everyville will consolidate, becoming a city that one will know, walk and feel.