EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 52 of 195  
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nathalia canamary (BRAZIL), artur cordeiro (BRAZIL), Eduardo Oliveira (BRAZIL)
As contemporary mankind is too selfish, there’s no concerning about the common well-being. The egocentric view gives no sight to community and the city gets sick, as an unshared place. The civic cohesion arrives when the elements of the urban body are held together thru the citizen integration. Considering the dialectic dilemma of individual versus community, we present for Everyville as a method of social integration a real life game, the eGo. In the mathematic Game Theory, a strategic situation is used for capture behavior. In this proposal, eGo is a game that uses the individualistic logic in urban actions to benefit the community. The player gets scores at every realized urban action, which are computed and registered in the player’s telephone thru mobile technology. The scores obtained can be converted in prizes or fiscal allowance, and the urban actions are focused to construct a sense of cooperation, and at the same time develop a sustainable environment.