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Ilkka Törmä (FINLAND)
Cardiac Surgery operates on the arteries of the city replacing highways with train tracks and high-speed cycle ways in stages.

1 Elevated tracks are built above highways providing rapid connection for commuters to the inner city or the Beltway. Congestion taxes are imposed on private cars while public transportation is subsidized. Trains carry automobiles and bicycles too so as to smooth out the transition.

2 Highways are slimmed and new land becomes vacant. Transportation development inflates land value and triggers private sector development that brings revenue to the municipality and encourages further development. Junctions grow into pulsating hubs.

3 Highways have been replaced. The elevated tracks are fused into the urban fabric. Intelligently steered personal rapid transit cars connect from the hubs to the neighborhoods. Trains deliver goods to stores along the tracks by night. The retail establishments on the Beltway become logistic centers for the city.