EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 71 of 195  
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Simone Fieno (ITALIA), Claudia Giustini (ITALIA), Jody Majoli (ITALIA), GIANLUCA BUTTINELLI (ITALIA), SERENA D'ONOFRIO (ITALIA), Daniele Barco (ITALIA), Matteo Scarrocchia (ITALIA), Andrew Tiburzi (ITALIA), Simona Caramini (ITALIA), Caterina di Giorgio (ITALIA)
Everyville: an any town; a big satellite district that can be called Zeroville. Great cities often identify themselves with their image-icon. Although an image-icon that could reflect the multivarious identities of the Community is practically inconceivable. Therefore the concept of image-symbol seems to be more appropriate to describe the process of urbanization of contemporary cities.
We look for a symbol that can materialize itself like tool of survey of the forces inside the community, and therefore represent the dynamics of transformation:1.An urban graphic system that speaks the language of the world globalized:a.Pigments inserted in the asphalt associate the tonality of the color (warm or cold) to the direction (east-west, north-south);b.The name of the road, translated in all the languages and characters, is directly written on the asphalt;c.Free spaces invite the community to represent herself in her "proper" road, painting and drawing the sidewalks through programs coordinat