EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 91 of 195  
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Lionello De Vita (ITALIA), Danilo Mezzanotte (ITALIA), Mario Di Lizio (ITALIA), Giuseppe GiampĂ  (ITALIA)
The objectives of the research project are two: the first related to the exploration of new models typological habitat related to the themes of innovation in the field of applied technologies for producing energy, while the second and related to the relationship between reality contemporary and natural landscapes within a background that takes all style and quality of life and rediscovery of new conditions for socialization.
The construction of a new energy landscape and optimization are the heart of the project "Energy City". Energy City aims to discover the harmony between man and nature.
The landscape is drawn from different areas related to production and testing of alternative energies. Each one of them and 'characterised by the type of cultivation of surrounding fields such as: yellow fields of sunflowers for the production of biofuel, redblack currant camps for experimenting with new techniques of photovoltaic; bluebreeding algae for bioplastics; pinkFruit trees for biomass