EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 92 of 195  
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tajana tkalčić (CROATIA), sabina mikelić (CROATIA)
As children, we used to listen to fairy-tales which got us back and directed us to being pure, and filled with love.Communication that we used as children became something what we hide behind our strained mask.In order to stimulate people to explore that something what desapeared, let us remember the story about The Centre, about our inner place of regeneration, consolation and peace.When we escape the consiousness, the centre becomes a place of tension, conflict and turmoil.That is why there arouses a need for strengthening it.Through opening and directing the aqueduct of the mountain's dragon on the North to rolling down through the life-giving river bed, the „lake of energy“ gets cleaned and activating.The intention is to bring that life energies of nature into the city in order to start creation forces of the surrounding space and humans, to move them and set out on a journey into one self's centre.This is the place of meditation and creation, place of meeting and intimacy.