EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 123 of 195  
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MELANIA DAMIANO (ITALIA), arianna capetola (ITALIA), erika di felice (ITALIA), alfredo mantini (ITALIA)
Our work begins from a contrast: normal use of urban spaces versus spontaneous use of outcome spaces. Our reasoning is based on principal elements and resurces of a modern city and on the things and values that it lost, in addition to the way of using and living usual spaces, lived spontaneously by the habitant of our cities, often isolated by the rest of the city.
Our answer is to operate on the natural identity of the city, often denied and compromised by urban contest and infrastructures, reinforcing and potentiating it where it’s present and creating it where it’s inadequate: the key vision of our project is green rooms, which create a new urban space and enclose empty spaces to equip besides old structures to recover and contextualize.
An other step in our project is to give autonomy and flexibility at this new form of city creating a system of electric railway lines, which make easy the mobility in the area and connect it to the rest of the city.