EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 124 of 195  
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Manuela Del Vecchio (ITALIA)
The urban quality of places has been considered as a central topic. The design main focus is the physical setting of a social framework made of nodes and links, developed around a new urban core.
A linear ribbon-shaped Park encloses the new building, the main social fulcrum, and the wide lawn which surrounds it as a green pause.
A sheet of water hosts a walkway for outdoor art exhibitions, sided by two small stages for musical performances.
This framework has its terminal point in a square, which is this place’s most vital and connected space. Here the Park bends to link to wide areas covered with trees and goes southward to connect with Megalopolis.
The Park, which is meant to be highly frequented, has been designed to modify the relation between the city and its territory and to provide a balance of private and public urban activities.