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Riccardo Torresi (ITALIA), valentina di mascio (ITALIA)
The planning idea comes from the analysis of natural catastrophes that, especially during the last few years, have destroyed wide areas all over the world. Hurricanes, above all, can be liable for dead and great damages, but they are also a stunning expression of nature’s power.
We have thought to plan a city in connection with these events, that would have their shape and their power; a city that could sustain the strength of hurricanes without being overcome by them.
The city grows as a cluster of long hills following the tracks of the most famous hurricanes in the story; it is made by strips of land emerging from the ground (every strip is adaptable for miles), crossing each other and shaping as a sort of wide scar.
The plan includes also some particular technological devices: thanks to a huge propeller placed along the tracks it becomes possible to guide the power of tornados into the city, where it will be turned into energy.