EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 6 of 40
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Serena Merola (ITALIA), Roberta Carafa (ITALIA), Francesco Aletta (ITALIA), Alessandra Pascarella (ITALIA)
No dedication.No slogan.No learned quotation.No ideology.No election platform nor philosophical creed.No rationalism.No poetical inspiration nor formal charm.
An aggressive city, with violent shapes, it even doesn’t try to clear itself, doesn’t apologize.Everything betrayed us: god, love, nature, new age, Hi-tech, runabouts, low-cost.Cars are a memory, nevertheless green exists no more.A messed up world, departments-schools-shopping-industries-factories-trash-police-thieves-bla-bla-bla…All this have to give way and suffocate to let mankind live.Because home is something different; it is all foreign to home.
No zone.It’s clear: there is no zone if there is no ground.The home flies, moves away, it doesn’t interfere in anything, it’s immutable, stuck 360 feet off the ground: the only refuge against dictatorship of bit and optical fiber.Colonies settle over the chip-land-texture, like spatial pile-dwelling, with no planning logic and the only will to deny what is under.