EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 33 of 40
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Wan-Yu Liu (TAIWAN), Lee SunMing (TAIWAN)
Coherence with the Nature

How do we memorize and describe a place where we live?

A city of harbor, a city of mountain, a city of forest, or, a city of vehicles and massive buildings...

A city together with its very nature creates our impression of a "place."

A place is where we live with the nature; a place is where we have our everyday life. A place is where we decide to make good use the nature and to grow up with it, or more precisely-- a place where we grow by reinforcing its very nature.

Our new town is a collection of various strips built based on its original nature: the farmland. It is a self-sufficient community that creates balance between consumption and production. It is a scattered city-- a non-centralized, non-preconceived plane in its original landscape. The strips formulate a pattern that includes natural and artificial elements supporting everyday life of the inhabitants; it creates a coherent landscape that allows the town to grow with its nature.