EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 32 of 40
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Valentina Raffaelli (ITALIA), Luca Boscardin (ITALIA)
Lift your eyes and look above my head to see the electrical wiring. which send words, messages, which allow people to communicate over vast distances. These same wires which run under our feet, are in the walls, and the streets of our cities. Distant relations which have changed our lives and societies.
Our objective is to create a line of comunication at the human level, the wires which run from house to house, in our parks, which weave new ideas in the tapestry of our cities, to push us to new levels of creatiivity.
Colored wires like showrooms to hang painting, photographs and disegns; wires which provide shades of light. Wires for hanging what we like for communicating, playing and for covering.
Weaves which become part of the city, which enhance the colours, the lights and the sounds playing on the wind.
A versatile multicolored spiderweb which unites people through spontanteous communication, a fantasy which can develope into infinity.