EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 3 of 195  
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alessandro balducci (ITALIA), ignasi gutierrez fontcuberta (SPAIN), victor molina alegre (SPAIN)
Form and identity of modern cities, are only possible when there is an economical and social dynamic which later becomes city development, that generates city growth in a continuous and stable way.
Taking this into account we have decided to represent Everyville as a discontinuous pattern that mixes up images and logos. The images represent the existing environment surrounding Everyville, unconnected tension points disseminated along the territory, waiting to have a meaning as a whole. Logos represent the existing situation of indifference towards Everyville. It is necessary to find a way to create social complexity along the three “c’s” that define modern and successful cities: Complex, Cohesive and Compact. We shall follow in this respect the lines introduced by JANE JACOBS “Life and Death of Great American Cities”.