EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 122 of 195  
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matteo tommaso cavalera (ITALIA), roberta barbieri (ITALIA), marco mazzotta (ITALIA)
The plates are divided into equipped green areas(play areas,refreshment,sports)and agriculture areas(typical agricultural crops).
The main aim is to create a landscape! To work on a green area by finding a specific meeting-point between the artificial and the natural,by seeking the real dimension of the landscape as an architectural/urban element.
The strategy consists of connecting both natural and artificial languages,and of including projects aimed at reviving the area and at developing the traditional farming practices.This development will be implemented through permanent trade shows focused on production,export and direct sale of the product.
Through the distribution of activities and the different types of green areas,we can create pathways connecting green areas,relax,play,exhibition and cultural areas.
The system is based on sustainability:the project aims at creating a model of distributed micro-creation for the production of energy from renewable sources,solar energy.