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manuela schirra (ITALIA)
H.I.V. (Human Identity Virus) is a virus (from the latin “vir”, strength /power), a parasitical biological entity.
The H.I.V. applied is a method for attribute an identity to Everyville. H.I.V. is a common and shared micro-space energetically self-sufficient, ideologically contaminant and parasitical alone of nature. It looks for human problem solutions ( electricity, food, garbage, oil, water, ... ) and it contaminants people’s mind through a world adjourned information, a practical demonstration and a real utilization. This contamination is the basis for create a sense of citizen’s union, a sense of community, a city’s identity. H.I.V. is an identity diffuser and in this context the people are the healthy bearers of city’s identity.
The method is to create differently H.I.V., and put then in contamination dangerous zone, with high density people (office, school, shopping mall, square, underground railway station, ... ). H.I.V. could be apply everywhere and everyhow.