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Takumi Hojo (JAPAN)
It has long been taken for granted,Our Mother Earth.One heard a breath of a town as a sign of its existence.When I pictured an ideal community,The feeling of their warmth, a sense of relief.If all these exist in a town,That town just abounds with substances.That community is unified.These substances symbolize the culture itself within the community.
So I created a town with the emphasis on the culture of “greenery” as its substance.
In my opinion, the newly developed residential area is considered to be the site where the history and culture has a potential to disappear, so I proposed “the greenery wall” as a novel infrastructure instead of other conventional site border or wall-fence.
“The greenery wall” provided the site foundation for the establishment with a new impact that tugged at the contemporary culture.
I created these walls, which were warped beforehand, rendering the individuality for each residential site.