EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 155 of 195  
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shuhei miyagawa (JAPAN)
The suburbs separated themselves away from the city and wanted to become a paradise.
They were going to represent the world that overflowed with green, safety and comforts.
But there had to be the paradise that all sorts of people could share.
The paradise that was made average and generalized.
Living in this generic paradise made the greed and action of the average, too.
Thus, personal pleasure and certain strong freedom were sealed.
People need a place that allows the free expression of personal greed almost as well as being the paradise everybody has dreamt of.
I believe such place can be found in the subterranean level of the basement space.
That ought to strengthen the charm of the paradise ground, too.
This project is about rejuvenating Every-Ville, i.e., the suburbs through an underground space that allows the inhabitant to throw away stress and free their greed that is out of average norm and coexists within this proclaimed ground of paradise.