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pruitsatorn sakulthai (THAILAND), Perm Sridurongkatum (THAILAND), Chakrapipat Assawaboonyalert (THAILAND)
This utopia city intends to introduce the new structure of all levels of society by concerning the sustainability aspects in order to create a anatomy city. while also preserving biodiversity and the value of living natural ecosystems for the future. The main idea is to create the city comprising of several units. Each can manage the whole the process of production from agriculture due to the specific character of land. Each unit is able to organize its own economic, social, governance and environment.
One unit (1 sq.km.) comprises of different use of lands such as agricultural, pastoral or fishery, residential and green area for recreation. By this organization, the way of life of people has to be changed in order to be in harmony with nature. They need to involve to the process of production which base on the agricultural field. Each unit can live by its own but still need to link to the other for exchange their products and for the relationship with other people.