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matteo soccio (ITALIA), vittoria grifone (ITALIA), francesca viglione (ITALIA), valeria bartolacci (ITALIA), cristiano pistorello (ITALIA)
ONE DAY I WILL BE is a changeable project of a city that does not implant on the soil. It recognises the territory but does not fix in it. The city of the future is a whole of objects in movement. This constant displacement is the consequence of the Everyville eco-sustainable character. The city produces energy for itself through the use of different systems. The biomass energy is obtained by the burnt woody plantation, the production of biocumbustible and the organic waste. The cultivation and the woody parts, following the medieval criteria of the farming rotation, provide a further movement on the city soil. These displacement cause the nomadism of the industrial buildings and, as a consequence, of the residential district that tend to follow the places devoted to working activities. In a chain, the movement involves also the public and recreational places.