EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 134 of 195  
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Lucas Torres Aguero (ARGENTINA), Manuel Mensa (ARGENTINA), Marcos Perearnau (ARGENTINA)
In every city, there are places where nothing has been built. They remain unaware of the exigencies of becoming productive, they menace the rationality of the city. If they are removed cities will not be again the same. The french word “terrain vague” preserves well the ambiguity of the term. We introduce this unlikely place in order to think the question of identity, because in every “terrain vague” the truth of identity “takes place”. The concept of identity in order to become real, must fall from paradise of abstraction and show itself as a particular. Here the truth of identity: to be itself must become another. In a “terrain vague” nothing lasts forever, what makes it last is its capability of assimilating changes so as to: “shape the change“ If we think identity as the movement of becoming other, then can architecture become city, or what is the same, the city become architecture. And if this is possible, then this project may become something else.