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1000 +1 Identity
Identity of a city is no permanent parameter, that if once chosen, always sticks to the image of a city. Its a flexible, soft fact,not just defined by hard facts, like infrastructure, natural surrounding, or institutions. The most important fact is the identification of the people. How do they see their city and how do they communicate this image to others.

The city defines wich “dress” they wear, but the identity happens in the heads of the people - living in and visiting the city. The image of a city is defined by different viewpoints - internal one from the inhabitant that is “using” the city. - view from the tourists who “vist” the city, who have a completely different expectation to the city and its facilities. They look for authentic places.

In terms of our project the perception of different layers of the city from an internal or an external view become our intervention to Everyville. People should learn to widen their image about cities.