EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 27 of 195  
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micol fronza (ITALIA), giulia visentin (ITALIA)
Look at Everyville and you’ll find the very symbol of every contemporary town, born on the meeting-point of the two variables of time and space, each of them involved in her unpredictable shifting.
The project aims to create for the citizens the conditions for the development of a new kind of consciousness, posing himself as a magnifying glass. The modus operandi of the magnifying glass lays in his instrumental nature. Citizens will reach this new perception not by simply looking through it but spontaneously choosing their own way to USE it. Getting through the appropriation process citizens will experience the sense of community.
To look at Everyville each citizen will be given a map. This map will display the location of the ‘RentaWall’ points spread around the town, where colours stand for functions and, as functions may change daily, the map is always kept up-to-date.
‘RentaWall’ is the instrument the project gives to the citizen.