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Valeria Muteri (ITALIA)
"Cities are like people"(Wenders). In the over advanced year 2020, when the real world, changed in a without limit and spaces image, has become the most virtual world, where the power of communication could turn into incommunicability, the most achievable of man´s life conditions in the future is curiously the oldest mode of exchange: meeting, each other comparison, without which there´s no identity. Spaces become places first in our minds and then according to our needs they turn into real places, because they make real our experiences. We are going to let these places fade away when the ways to meet each other will change, as we let the streets of a tissue change without fearing that the city would disappear. Although some places don´t physically exist anymore, they keep on living within our minds, because they are made of our own memories and built of what we have been as a community even just for one day. So the stories become quarters and people become streets.