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Angus McNichol (AUSTRALIA)
Firstly, insert the textured landscape within urban massing voids. It is an everlasting natural element intended to grow and ruin in time. It links places you go now, places you will go and is a thing into which you insert places that you will want to go.

It is a green service space, but neither a park nor back of house. It will take the ugly urban fabrics and represent them as sculpture so they are undenied. Thus 'waste and cables' are centralised so that living is pushed further into lesser-touched landscape.

At certain nodes (one node within 10 years) the ground form is permanent, but not always natural. As landfill it may grow with the population.

A node may be visited as a gallery, a work place or somewhere to interact recreationally. It offers mixed spaces, varying sizes, textures and usability.
With its multiplicity of scales any social scenario is possible.