EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 18 of 195  
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Vincenzo Buongiorno (ITALIA), Livia Porro (ITALIA), Pietro Zampetti (ITALIA), Marcella Zeppa (ITALIA)
Our project idea wants to create a city as a Complex Framework of Relationship, by integrating different levels on a polycentric structure. At the lower level is the residential carpet, characterized by a homogeneous morphology so as to allow the qualitative uniformity. Moreover, this Anonymity allows customization of individual residential cards by the inhabitants. By contrast, the Poly-Sculptures, cruxes of the connections and communications between Everyville and Megalopolis, arise as strongly identifying signs. The site was designed as a Fragment of a larger system, likely to enlarge or to change without its nature being altered. The tissue is contaminated by the dual system of slats of service/transport and green bands that gather in the park. The project wants to conceive a new city-life model: Strongly Urban but, at the same time, made up by a New and Different Sense of Community.