EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 17 of 195  
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Alberto Alfonso (ITALIA)
The project for Every Ville is meant to give real meaning and value to this community.
This specific aim is to be reached not by the creation of a special symbolic building but by using a particular method and pattern, especially conceived for it.
We are not considering a project in which buildings are just made vertically towards the sky; here the space is to be gained horizontally, by following the “natural waver of the ground.”
It is so made a kind of “carving” on the surface of the ground, that shows the presence of man, in unequivocal way.
Lines and shapes that compose this spatiality are vector, multidirectional and dynamic; they create a space with “formless surfaces”, modern and free.
This project shows how this particular method can create a kind of modular block composed of lots of small parts expressly conceived for this planning “concept”.