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Mirko Nikolic (SERBIA)
United States of Rhine-Main-Danube is the Union of the free Water States consisted of the vessels that form a chain of over 3,500 km between the North Sea and the Black Sea.
The USRMD is not an independent state, but it is inter-dependent to all states that surround it on land; the USRMD are linked to the Earth States by water, and Earth States are intimately bridged between them by water, and thus by the Water States.
The Union that supports USRMD is water, the water is the State.
On water's basic properties are set up the basic principles of the USRMD: Free Circulation, Fluidity and Liquidity, Free Connection, Transparency.
Single States of USRMD are vessels that rest on flux of water, but they do not occupy any fixed area; the States cannot exert territorial jurisdiction nor sovereignty on this fluid surface, because it is indivisible, it is a unique entity.
Only the structures built on the solid flat planes of the SRMD are subject to private property.