EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 137 of 195  
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Every town is characterized from nets of communication and of interpersonal formal and informal exchange.
“Everyville” is the resulting of two system: horizontal and vertical system.
The first one represents our civic sense and community. This is stand out through the relationship between citizens and nature. These horizontal nets put in contact all the people and they are able to become a vehicle of reciprocal solidarity!
Instead, the second one represents the complicated link between citizens and institutions. The regular and clear net would highlights the feeling of separation and distrust .The Everyville’s image registers this double character of the contemporary city drawing Its shape and buildings on two superimposed levels.
Believing in someone produce society with a high number of horizontal connections, the distrust instead generate indifference for the job ,violence ,not respect for the rules, so a lot of vertical connections.